Targeting Dental Practitioners

GLOB-IX-CO (UK) LIMITED has come up with new ideas in healthcare. This is a marketing company, working in association with PKA BOOKS LIMITED, the company that has published successful titles for the healthcare professions.

One of the books, Taxation Aspects For Dentists: A Friendly Guide, is about ‘minimising the tax bill’ and is popular with dental practitioners. The first edition of this book was approved by NASDA (The National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants) and was news in dental journals such as the GDP, the BDJ and Dentistry.

Press comments: ‘… the book is quite reader-friendly and its modest cost could be recovered many times over, not only in potential tax savings, but also on accountants’ bills by virtue of a better understanding of business accounts and tax returns.’ (the GDP)

Hence, this book will not be thrown away like other periodicals, which are published in weekly or monthly issues, but will be used as a reference guide throughout the tax year. This guide will be updated every year and will be given away as a complimentary copy to all the dentists in the UK and this will be welcome from the dental professionals.

GLOB-IX-CO (UK) LIMITED has the following options:

The first option is to distribute copies through a well-known publisher of a dental newspaper with a large circulation to dental practitioners.

The second option is to give a number of copies to each sponsor in return for advertising in the book. The sponsors will distribute their copies to their potential customers.

A minimum number of advertisements will be required in the book to raise enough revenue to make these options feasible.

GLOB-IX-CO (UK) LIMTED would like to hear from sponsors as soon as possible to make this project work as scheduled.

Taxation Aspects For Dentists : A Friendly Guide is a useful advertising medium because it is so highly focused. It invariably has a long shelf-life of up to 12 months. Because the book is reader friendly, the advertising that goes with it would also be very effective.

GLOB-IX-CO (UK)……With New Ideas in Healthcare

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Targeting Dental Practitioners